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Three new paint coating products now available.
« on: October 13, 2015, 03:45:31 PM »
Dear mid-60s Buick exterior caregivers,

There is a new generation of coatings that are applied like wax but provide much more protection that lasts several years.  The first such product that I learned about was Opti-Coat and related products:

This product uses a chemical relation to apply a thin clear layer of ceramic which basically functions like glass.  As such it seals the paint far better than wax against water and contaminants. 

There is a new product called CQuartz:

This product claims to also provide a sort of glass coating (SiO2 to be exact.)  However this product also claims to provide a plastic coating underneath that is “self-healing.”  The molecules of the plastic will rearrange themselves to fill any gaps caused by tiny abrasions. 

The third product: XPEL's Ultimate Paint Protection Film is purely plastic (urethane) clear coating, but also incorporates self-healing plastic:

Here is a video on You-Tube comparing the first two products:

All three of these products are marketed mostly to detail shops and the application costs are high.  However, you can find the products at retail stores.  For example, CQuartz is available at Amazon:

These products can be applied to a newly painted classic, thereby greatly extending the life of the paint.  They also might make sense for a daily-driver with relatively new paint, if the goal was to keep the car for a long time.

These products are very new and there isn’t a lot of experience with them, but some cars have had these coating applied several years ago and they show no sign of wearing out.

For your information . . . .