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Aluminum Nail-Heads
« on: December 01, 2013, 07:56:50 PM »
As in V8, I am letting people know that Since no one has come up with a set of Aluminum Nail-Heads, I decided to have a go at it.  (so much for Edelbrock and the other goons who can't seem to make anything for the nail-nuts!)

These will have bronze valve guides just like Cheby.  Also, the intakes and exhaust seats will be hardened.  I am thinking about going with Stainless valves. (why not)  and if the pockets are cut out correctly, then BBC springs WILL work.  ( I have them on my blown 438 nailhead)  This gives 125# of pressure for performance cam grinds as well.  NO CHINESE CRAP will be involved!!!  All American Goodies! 

If people are interested, please let me know....

Steve aka Mr62Buick